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Welcome to eSolutions For Everyone, Inc. Affordable software development for small to large businesses. The simplest solution to a problem usually is the best. It turns out more often than naught that this is true, especially when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO) of custom business software. After software has been deployed within an organization you must rely on internal IT staff for continued maintenance, troubleshooting, help desk support and continued functionality upgrades. Unless you want to outsource your operation, this can be a costly experience to in-house IT staff. At eSolutions For Everyone Inc., a business software solutions consultant and systems integration company, we believe in the KISS method to custom software development. Software development is architected from the ground up with scalability and maintainability being key factors for all custom software decisions. Modularization is key for the forward looking application and standardizing code reuse. We do not skimp on deliverables. Our development methodologies ensure that you receive the deliverables that are in line with the size of the project being delivered. And our 30 day standard warranty will guarantee that you do not have to worry about running into quality problems as you may find with other outsourced software development contractors. Make eSolutions For Everyone your preferred software solutions consultant today! Call us for a quote at (586) 484.2745